A longtime quail hunting and dove shooting client wrote a great testimonial letter:

Dear Floyd,

You were right; this past weekend’s dove hunt was the best I have ever experienced. Jo Ann got two birds (her frist) and she was elated at the action having been on a couple of earlier dates when the birds failed to show for the party. Raymond showed his skill by getting a double, something I’ve never been able to accomplish on dove. Somehow, you always seem to remember those firsts. Thanks for the memories.

Speaking of memories, I wanted to relate in writing my satisfaction at one of my quail hunts this past season. I scheduled my first quail hunt on your farm with some strategic clients on January 18, 2002. My clients were late and compelled me to stop for breakfast, which made us even later. Although you were very kind, I know that our late arrival disrupted your plans. We were not in too big a hurry though  because it rained practically up to our arrive at Red Bone Farm. I was very concerned based on prior experiences with pen raised quail and wet conditions that my clients were in for a very frustrating day. The weather did cooperate as the rain stopped and the sun came out as the hunt was beginning. To our amazement, we had the largest, best flying birds I have ever seen. Usually, you cannot kick wet pen raised quail into the air. Your hunting courses were perfectly maintained for quail, the guide and the dogs performed in an exemplary fashion. The day was saved and my guests had a wonderful time. They are already talking about coming back this season.

I have been to most of Georgia’s well-known plantations at one time or another. Red Bone does not have the fancy facility of many of the plantations and the large complement of staff. If you are looking for a ‘traditional’ plantation style quail hunt, you need to go to one of these facilities. If on the other hand, you are looking for a fairly priced hunt in excellent cover over well mannered dogs and some of the best flying birds you will ever see, you need to book your hunt at Red Bone. And of course, Floyd Moye’s kind hospitality and friendship are added at no additional cost.

I look forward to bringing a number of my corporate clients back to Red Bone Farm to hunt quail again this season.

Best regards,
R.A. Snead, Jr., FHFMA

A new client called after the opening day of dove season:

Hey Floyd – this is Ron Costello, the gentleman whose wife is a golfer. I was down there for a shoot, my first time dove hunting. Just wanted to say that you put on an excellent, excellent hunt. The food was fabulous, the people were wonderful, and for a guy who didn’t know anybody, I thought the hospitality was truly “Southern”. Anyway, just called to let you know I had a great time and looking forward to seeing you again.

One of our new quail hunters with a very young wire haired pointer recently left this message on our telephone voicemail:

Floyd, just wanted to call and tell you how much fun I had; that was an absolute ball. Maggie worked like a champ. I promise you I’ll be back. I got 6 of 10 with the little 28. Feel good about it too! Floyd, I flushed 2 coveys and I’ll tell you, there must have been 10-12 birds in each of them. They flew wild! They looked good. I guarantee you I’ll be back and bring my son. He’ll love it. Wonderful to meet you!